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Greetings. Praying you all are healthy and handling your home stay well. San Diego Convention was to be a fantastic convention but with all the worries out in our world it has become clear that we can’t give that to our attendees. Today Corsa President Mike Hall, John Jackson and I made the call to postpone our convention till 2021. I write this with a heavy heart after all our hard work. We come to this conclusion when we still don’t know if the virus will be with us in July (and I pray it is not). Here is our final the reason. San Diego county government have been scrambling to find for beds for the sick and displaced people. Our host hotel has opened its doors to these people and even
though we are pleased for this generous help it puts us as the host in an unwelcoming place. Even though we understand the need and that the hotel will sanitize the rooms later it just doesn’t seem right to ask our guests to travel to us with any extra worries. San Diego is meant to be a week of great memories and you all have put in the effort to make it so.
John and I would like to thank you and then ask you to postpone with us. We need to know if our team leaders are with us for 2021. John is working on securing the same deal with our hotel and the Horn blower cruise. We could really use a response as to your commitment to this postponement. Please email or call one of us in the next day or two. God Bless you all, Lorrie

                                                                                                                                            -Lorrie, Convention Co-chair

July 6th- 11th

Crowne Plaza Hotel

2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA. 92108

 (619) 297-1101

Start you reservations now! Mention CORSA convention at the time of booking! Group code "CNC"

Offer  valid  until  06/06/2020​​

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